003cWith Apple calling their latest iPad the iPad Air in lieu of its lightness and thinness, can we expect Apple to give their next iPhone the same treatment as well? While that remains unknown at this point in time, Federico Ciccarese of Ciccarese Design have come up with a concept that he is calling the iPhone Air. It’s a bit hard to tell from these photos, but presumably his take on the next-gen iPhone will make it thinner and lighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 5s. His design also appears to be inspired by the iPad Air’s design, which is to say that the back of the iPhone will be more tapered, as opposed to its current design which features more hard lines rather than gentle tapers.

We have to say that this particular design is pretty nice and sleek and could even pass off as one of Jony Ive’s designs, but what do you guys think? According to the rumors, some believe that Apple’s next-gen iPhone will make a leap from its 4” display to that of a massive 4.8” one in a bid to keep up with their Android competition, namely Samsung, who has been pretty successful with their large display devices. Over the years Apple has made gradual improvements and changes to its iPhone, and a jump from 4” to 4.8” would definitely throw many people off, but at the same time we’re sure there are iPhone users out there who wouldn’t mind a larger display.

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