wpsOne of the disadvantages to the Windows Phone platform is that it lacks apps. While having over a hundred thousand apps is definitely not something to snub your nose at, it still pales in comparison to the likes of the iOS and Android platform which probably numbers close to a million apps by now, if not more. Needless to say, that gap is huge but it seems to Joe Belfiore of Microsoft, and also boss of the Windows Phone division, tweeted his determination to close that gap by the end of 2014.

According to Belfiore, “We’re all gonna look back on the end of 2014 as the ending of the app-gap for Windows Phone.  The 3rd ecosystem is decidedly here!” As it stands Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and BlackBerry are sort of battling it out with each other for the third spot in the smartphone market, although given the way things are, it looks like Microsoft might have the edge at the moment. It’s no small feat to close a gap of few hundred thousand, so it will be interesting to see how Microsoft goes about doing that.

In the past Microsoft has tried to court developers through financial gains, although we’re sure larger adoption of the Windows Phone platform would help increase developer interest as well. At least releasing popular apps such as Instagram for Windows Phone is a good way to start! What do you guys think? Will Microsoft be able to close the gap by the end of 2014?

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