sony-vrWhen it comes to virtual reality headsets, the most popular name at the moment would be the Oculus Rift, but it looks like Sony could be looking to steal its thunder come CES 2014 with a virtual reality headset of their own. The headset was rumored to make a debut at the Tokyo Game Show 2013, but safe to say it did not materialize, and now if the rumors are to be believed, and if Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida’s tweets are any indication, said headset could debut at CES 2014.

Yoshida’s tweet was a response to IGN executive editor’s Scott Lowe’s tweet where he posted a photo of a virtual reality headset, claiming that it was the best thing to come out of CES 2011, a good two years ago. Yoshida’s tweet while not confirming anything, states that we can expect to see a newly announced product at CES 2014. This has led to speculation that a Sony VR headset could debut at the event, after all why would Yoshida respond to a tweet if said product was unrelated, right?

In any case it’s pretty much up in the air at the moment, but as we will be live at CES 2014, be sure to check back with us then for all the details. We could be looking at a prototype, or we could be looking at a brand new product, but either way exciting times are ahead of us!

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