Android is an amazing operating system, particularly because there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to tinkering with the OS. Custom ROMs, kernels and firmwares are easily available for a wide variety of Android devices. Its interesting to see that even the highly stripped down version of the OS on Google Chromecast can also be tinkered with. Senior XDA member ddggttff3 has released a Google Chromecast custom ROM which brings a number of features that are not originally available on the dongle.

Google released the Chromecast HDMI dongle earlier this year. Only $35, the dongle lets users stream content from their mobile devices to their TVs. The PwnedCast ROM for Chrome is rooted, has its own dedicated recovery and over-the-air update system, meaning that if the developer releases an update for the ROM, it would be automatically downloaded on the dongle. Based on the 13300 stock image, Chromecast owners who were quick enough to root the dongle before Google released the root-blocking OTA update can install the ROM. It won’t work if you were able to root your Chromecast back then. Features include root SSH/Telnet access, Google’s OTA update disabled, built in KyoCast, custom boot image and more. The ROM and installation instructions can be found here.

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