screen-shot-2013-12-29-at-1-21-56-pmOne of the features that Google has installed on its Android operating system is the ability to automatically backup your photos taken on your phone to Google+, the company’s social networking website. In a way it is similar to Apple’s iCloud service although admittedly Google seems to be putting much more effort into getting users to use its Google+ services as we have seen in the past with YouTube, the removal of the Gallery app, and how would we forget the hilarious “Blackmail” video. In any case for those who feel that Apple’s iCloud pricing scheme is a tad expensive, or at least more than they’d like to pay for backing up photos, Google has launched a new Google+ auto-backup utility for Mac computers with the latest update to their Picasa software.

Interestingly enough this feature has nothing to do with Picasa whatsoever, although it does come exclusively with the app, which means that even if you don’t use Picasa but want the feature, you’ll have to download it anyway. The auto-backup utility will allow users to automatically save photos up to 2048px to their Google+ account, unlimited we might add, or alternatively one could always upload the full resolution to their Google Drive which could eat up whatever space they have available. For those who don’t necessarily need their photos at full resolution, we reckon 2048px is a pretty decent size, not to mention it is unlimited if you were to back it up to Google+ so there’s some money saved right there.

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