Back in September, Google launched a new design for its YouTube comments while also promising the company would start implementing users’ Google+ profile, making it a little bit more difficult for the everyday Joe to be an everyday troll. It’s been over a month since Google said they’d be making that drastic change in the future, and it looks like all is ready as the company has pulled the trigger to make the update go live.

The new Google+ Youtube comments system is being rolled out for the remainder of the week, and with it, you’ll see more relevant comments listed near the top of the comments section, as well as “engaging” conversations, comments from people within your Google+ circle and comments from the video’s creator as well as “popular personalities.”

Those who may not enjoy the new commenting system Google is in the process of rolling out will be able to change things back to the familiar “Newest First” layout, which will present you with the most recent comments instead of all of those fancy bells and whistels mentioned previously.

One final thing we’re sure you’ll want to know about is some of the new moderation tools, mainly the ability to filter out certain unwanted words from being published in the comments section of your video.

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