Earlier this month Justice Arnold of the England and Wales High Court ordered an injunction against HTC, found to have violated Nokia’s “modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station” patent. This resulted in a ban for the HTC One Mini which went in effect on December 6th. When the order was announced, HTC said that it would file an urgent application for appeal. The appeal has turned out in its favor, the ban on HTC One Mini in the UK has been relaxed, meaning that the company can continue to import the device in the UK despite Nokia’s win.

It was already feared that the HTC One Mini ban might lead to other members of the One family being banned, something which the company would not want to happen. HTC says that it has full intention of “aggressively” appealing the patent validity decision, but right now it is “delighted” that the Court of Appeals has granted a stay, thus relaxing the ban. It also says that it will continue working with chip suppliers on alternative solutions so as to ensure that there are minimal disruptions to its business in the future. Nokia has not commented on the Court of Appeals’ decision as yet.

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