lego-carIf you love all things LEGO, then you would definitely be in awe of this invention, which is actually a LEGO car that comes complete with plastic pistons. The magical thing about this LEGO ride is this – it actually runs and can ferry you around, although you will not be breaking any land speed records anytime soon. Steve Sammartino and his 20-year-old Romanian partner, Raul Oaida (who happened to be doing all the hard work of building while Steve was running around, raising funds for the effort), are the driving force (pardon the pun) behind this LEGO ride. In fact, there are four engines made out of a total of 256 LEGO pistons, and they run beautifully on compressed air as fuel.

Apart from the wheels and load bearing components, the rest of the car itself is made out of LEGO bricks. Of course, this means that the seat would not be too comfortable as leather on a long journey, but it is an achievement worth marveling it. You will be able to hit a top speed of 20 miles per hour in this ride, and right now, the “Super Awesome Micro Project” as it is known is parked somewhere in Melbourne. [Project Page]

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