Microsoft Launches New Surface SiteIt certainly does not make much sense at all if a particular website looked the same all the way from 1995 until today. Surely there needs to be a redesign from time to time to keep things fresh, just like how software would be a whole lot better with updates and such. Well, it does seem as though Microsoft has just rolled out a new Surface campaign with This particular webpage was registered on December 3rd, and it is in some way connected to Microsoft, that makes it seem to be a legitimate site and not some sort of misdirection.

The entire website looks rather modern, and it concerns discovering the Surface brand as well as the kind of features that it carries. Microsoft, too, wants to promote the hashtag #uncompromise, and chances are they would make full use of it to track metrics in order to check out just what kind of positive potential does this campaign have. There is a high degree of interactivity with this website, and it certainly jives in tandem with Microsoft’s connection to ‘modern’ design alongside live-tile like components. Do you like what you see in the new website itself, or do you think that it is too much to take in? [New Surface Website]

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