Microsoft Patent Hints At Possible 3D Mobile User Interface

6a0120a5580826970c01a510124e3a970c-800wiThe tiled interface of Windows Phone and Windows 8 was an interesting choice by Microsoft. It was definitely a departure from the typical rows and columns of icons we might normally associate with smartphone or desktop operating systems and was a fresh new look. Unfortunately early users of the interface found it confusing, at least compared to older versions of Windows, which has since prompted Microsoft to reintroduce the Start button in its Windows 8 update, but what about Windows Phone? Is Microsoft planning on revamping the operating system anytime soon? According to a patent filing, it seems that Microsoft might have something new planned, or have at the very least toyed with the idea.

The patent describes what appears to be a new user interface for Microsoft’s operating system in which it takes advantage of a 3D look. As you can see in the diagram before, it removes the need for pages in which users swipe through to access different apps and features, but instead makes use of a 3D block that spins around where the icons are located on each side. It’s an interesting concept and given that it is a patent, there’s really no telling if Microsoft has any plans to actually implement them, but what do you guys think? Is the Windows Phone interface starting to get a bit old and do you think it’s about time it has gotten a visual overhaul?

Read about Microsoft and Patent. Filed in Cellphones. Seen at: patentlyapple

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