photosynthGoogle might now allow you to create Street View places on your own, but Microsoft does not intend to just sit back and do nothing about the situation. A response is definitely needed for sure, and just like how a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t you think that certain places are worth a thousand views? A preview of the new Photosynth has been revealed, where this is one app which will be able to analyze digital photographs, ending up with the generation of three-dimensional views of real world spaces.

The rollout of Bing Maps Preview for Windows 8 last week saw one step taken in the right direction of developing a digital replica of the planet using an immersive 3D method, so that one is able to explore the vast world without having to leave the comfort of the living room. From there, the inclusion of Photosynth would be able to provide just about anyone with access to powerful tools in order to capture their own favorite spots worldwide. Just how does Photosynth work? It allows you to upload a bunch of photos to the cloud service, where the technology will be on the lookout for points known as “features” in successive photos which appear to be the same object. Should it discover majority of features that happen in the same photo set, such information will be used in bundle adjustment, which is a standard technique in photogrammetry, to figure out just where in 3D space each feature is. Once done, 3D shapes will be generated based on the feature points, how neat is that? [Press Release]

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