diy-street-viewGoogle’s Street View has been around for quite some time already, and it has definitely come in handy for some folks who managed to find their way home after being kidnapped, while others have had the unfortunate experience of discovering how they are being cheated upon by their other half through an image in Street View. Still, the world is a big place, never mind that two thirds of it is covered with water, the remaining 33% is still worth exploring. Why not bring some Street View goodness to the masses thanks to Google’s latest initiative?

There is a new feature available which allows one to come up with their very own Street View experience, all without the need for a Trekker. You will first need to shoot some Photo Spheres of your trail through an Android smartphone or a DSLR camera, before uploading them to Views, which is a special Google Maps segment that was specially designed to handle images of such scale. Once you’re done, just hook them onto a map, and visitors to Google Maps who drop by will now be able to have an idea of your place, from your perspective. This might just accelerate the growth of Street View for sure! [Press Release]

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