The holidays are officially here, although if you don’t have any immediate family or friends to share some holiday moments with, it certainly could get lonely. As lonely as you may feel, one thing is for sure and that’s the fact no one should have a cold meal, that is, unless you’re having a sandwich or salad. But if your meal is supposed to be hot, then the Plate Cooker concept is something you’re probably going to hope becomes an actual product. 

The Plate Cooker was designed by Ranhee Chung and for the most part, looks like a George Foreman grill. Instead of including grills on the inside to cook your meals, it contains multiple compartments that are able to hold meat, soup, veggies, rice or anything else you normally eat for dinner. The Plate Cooker was designed to be a food heater to reheat frozen or refrigerated foods, which can heat individual compartments in order to cook them at their appropriate temperature.

Considering how many people store leftovers in their refrigerator or freezer, the Plate Cooker could certainly help in safely reheating these foods so they can be eaten at a later time. Having to reheat individual portions of a meal can be time consuming and can cause one portion to lose its heat, so something like the Plate Cooker would be a welcome addition to any food reheater’s home.

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