Summer is right around the corner, which means you’re going to be wanting to have a watermelon with you at nearly all times as it’s never a bad time to chow down on a slice of refreshing watermelon. But the trick to eating a watermelon is to keep it as cool as possible up until you slice that sucker open, which unfortunately for the human body, means we’ll have to lug around a cooler as well. That is – unless you have your own portable watermelon fridge.

The portable mini-refrigerator / heater is called “Tama-chan” and comes from Japanese manufacturer Joynbond. You can power Tama-chan simply by connecting it to your car’s cigarette lighter socket, although it’s unknown just how long the cooler will keep your watermelon nice and chilled for without needing to be recharged.

Tama-chan is priced at 19,950 yen (around $200), so it isn’t necessarily a cheap product, but considering it also acts as a heater that will keep your cylindrical items nice and toasty when you drag it along might make its high cost worth it. Although, a $200 watermelon cooler seems like something that would be right up our alley.

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