During winter time, surely some of us who cannot afford heating throughout the entire house will have to gather around the old school fireplace to obtain some warmth from the freezing cold. Well, what if you could carry a heater around with you all the time? German designers Andreas Meinhardt and Daniel Abendroth have worked together on the H-Agent (I believe that is short for Heating Agent), where this portable heating system need not be carried around, as it can get up and about your home automatically to capture and store excess heat. All the hard work is not gone to waste, as the H-Agent will then re-diffuses this captured heat in cooler areas of the house as and when required.

Resembling a mobile black box, it boasts heat-seeking sensors and phase change material (PCM), letting it absorb surplus energy from sources which radiate large amounts of heat. I can imagine the H-Agent sitting idly beside a roaring fire, and when you are about to retire for the night and head off to your room for some shuteye, the H-Agent will follow you there. When you get under the sheets, it will start to release the stored heat across time while you sleep snugly like a baby without shivering one bit. To make it even more energy efficient, it can be juiced up via a solar charger.

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