powerpot-xPower Practical, who happen to be a bunch of engineers, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts that are based in Salt Lake City, also happen to be the ones behind the PowerPot. They have just introduced both the PowerPot X and PowerPot XL over on Kickstarter, where they hope that the crowd funding platform will be able to raise the necessary amount of funds to get the PowerPot X Series popping off production lines in the near future. These will be the next generation in thermoelectric power, where they have been named after their power emission of 10 Watts. With the PowerPot X Series, it is capable of juicing up a tablet, a pair of smartphones or four GoPros simultaneously, and best of all is, it can produce electricity regardless of the weather condition, in the daytime or at night, indoors or outdoors, requiring nothing more than fire and water.

The PowerPot X Series will feature increased power where it arrives in two sizes, allowing couples, groups, friends and families who love the great outdoors to whip up a meal over a fire while juicing their portable electronic devices at the same time. The PowerPot X holds 2.4 quarts and is perfect for two, while the PowerPot XL is a wee bit larger at 4 quarts, making it more suitable for feeding a slightly larger group. This is definitely one of the more interesting Kickstarter projects out there. [Press Release]

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