Samsung-Camera-20-megapixelWhile more megapixels does not necessarily mean a better camera, it is unfortunately still heavily marketed by companies. After all to the average consumer, bigger numbers usually means better, right? In any case it seems that Samsung could be working on a 20MP camera module that is set to debut in the second half of 2014. This is according to Korea news website, ET News who claims that Samsung Mobile’s Advanced Development Team has begun working on such modules. Assuming there is any truth in these claims, it means that said module could possibly debut in 2014’s Galaxy Note 4 as it might be a bit too late for the Galaxy S5, especially since the Galaxy S5 is rumored to sport a 16MP camera instead.

The reason for working on a 20MP camera module is also because it has been rumored that Samsung will not be including optical image stabilization in its 2014 cameras due to components not arriving on time, which means that they will be trying to use the megapixel count as a way to differentiate its devices. While Samsung’s phones have not exactly been slouches in the camera department, we’re sure there are users out there who would rather more advanced camera features rather than simply increasing the megapixel count, but what do you guys think?

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