ms-office-advantageJust like how membership has its privileges, students too, happen to have some privileges of their own in this day and age. For instance, there are restaurants and cafes that offer discounts for students, while they also experience cheaper prices when it comes to watching movies and attending selected courses, depending on which area you live in. Microsoft has a love for students, and they have expressed their affection for this particular consumer group most recently by launching the Student Advantage program.

The Student Advantage program will be made available to students who are enrolled at participating educational institutions so that they are able to gain free access to Office 365. This was first announced in October, where Microsoft’s service was served up to approximately 35,000 schools worldwide, although the catch would be this – it would be compulsory for the participating educational institutions’ paid staff to use Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus. All eligible students will then gain access to the Office 365 ProPlus version. I see it as a nice way to start them young on your products, and when they enter into the working world, they would have grown up on Microsoft products, but by that time, armed with a degree at least, they will have the money to buy your full fledged products. Smart move! [Press Release]

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