lightroom-5One of the great things about tablets is that they incredibly light (for the most part) and portable, and they usually come with pretty nice displays too, which makes it a pretty handy tool for photographers to transfer photos on to edit or for viewing purposes. Sure, a laptop could get the job done but in the field, a tablet would admittedly be a lot more convenient. In any case photographers who do a lot of field work might be interested to learn that Adobe Lightroom could be making its way onto the iPad very soon, thanks to a recent leak.

The leak was actually spotted on the company’s website where references to the app were made. In fact it even went as far as letting customers pay for the mobile version of Lightroom which was set at a subscription fee of $99 per year, with the fees mainly due to its cloud storage where Adobe will be able to sync files between the iPad, Mac, and Windows version of its software, so photographers can not only edit their work in the field, but also continue to work on them on their computers when they go back seamlessly. Lightroom for the iPad is not out of the question as earlier in 2013, the company demonstrated similar technology. No word on when Lightroom for the iPad will be launched, but given the recent leak, we can only assume it won’t be too long until we hear the confirmation ourselves.

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