att-outside-logo-signIn the past we have seen how AT&T has attempted to lure customers away from competing carriers, such as T-Mobile, by offering them free credit as well as the ability to trade-in their smartphone for credit as well. Last we heard, AT&T was willing to offer T-Mobile customers up to $450 in credit but now according to a new announcement by the carrier, it seems that they have their eyes set on pretty much the entire carrier industry and have revealed a new plan to lure customers away and onto their network. Based on the new plan, AT&T is expected to offer all new and existing customers $100 in credit on their bill for every new line that they open.

This offer will extend to smartphones, tablets, feature phones, and wireless home phone lines that are bundled with AT&T’s 4G LTE service. Unfortunately this is not a permanent offer as AT&T will be putting an end to this deal come 31st of March. Both AT&T and T-Mobile are in a war right now for customers, with T-Mobile being the more aggressive of the two, offering up to $650 to make customers switch over, where the $650 will cover the cost of you possibly buying your way out of a contract from a different carrier. We suppose at the end of the day the customers are the ones who win, so we can’t really complain, right?

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