att-switchAT&T and T-Mobile once had a pretty close relationship, with AT&T almost buying out T-Mobile, and they would have succeeded had it not been for intervention and objection by multiple parties who were afraid the merger would create a monopoly in the carrier industry. Now the relationship has since soured with both sides taking shots at one another, and in the latest attempt by AT&T, it seems that if they can’t have T-Mobile for themselves, they will at least try to steal the carrier’s customers by luring them over with credit worth up to $450 in value!

Yup that’s right, AT&T is willing to pay T-Mobile customers to make the switch onto the carrier’s network. For starters AT&T will allow customers to trade-in T-Mobile smartphones and get up to $250 in credit, depending on the value of the phone and its condition. They will also be giving customers an additional $200 in credit if they are willing to switch from T-Mobile’s plan and sign up for AT&T’s Next plan, bringing up the total of maximum credit a customer can get up to a whopping $450! That’s a lot of money and would potentially allow a customer to get a new phone and enjoy the next few months of service for next to nothing.

If that sounds enticing to you, hit up AT&T’s website for the details.

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