elektra nailsLong nails and smartphone touchscreens just don’t play nicely together. Perhaps back in the day of the resistive touchscreen, that would have been a whole different story. However given that most touhcscreens these days are of the capacitive nature, women and men with long fingernails can probably attest to how difficult it is to interact with their devices. Well fret not because a company called Elektra Nails is hoping to change that with fake fingernails that can have the ability to interact with capacitive touchscreen displays, which we guess are similar to how styluses for smartphones and tablets work, without us having to touch the screen with our fingers directly.

Sri Vellanki, head of Elektra Nails, came up with the idea when a couple of years ago, she ran into the problem that we mentioned above and while there are plenty of men and women out there with long nails that use smartphones, it’s probably not the most comfortable experience. The nails are glued on and according to the company, should be good for about 7 days before they have to be reapplied. They can also be painted on, so for those who might be worried that tech-related accessories aren’t always the most fashionable, you can rest assured now. The Elektra Nails are expected to go on sale in the next couple of months and should be available via its website.

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