We’re yet to welcome drones into our daily lives, but it seems that the future will be full of them. Drones have actually become quite popular, they’re now available in all shapes and sizes, controlling them is as easy as using an app on your smartphone. They’re right up there with model aircraft, which already have a huge fan following. Time and again it has been debated when the FAA will set about crafting guidelines for use of drones in our towns and cities. The agency has confirmed today that it is working with the Academy for Model Aeronautics to do just that.

Aircraft hobbyists are generally aware of the rules, they’re not supposed to fly higher than 400 feet, within three miles of an airport, etc. However its easy for people who’re not aware of the guidelines to get in trouble, given how popular drones and quadricopters have become, they’re usually capable of flying up to a thousand feet and can easily be controlled using a smartphone app, so really anyone who knows how to use a smartphone can operate them. And while there’s still a long way to go to regulate model aircraft and drones, these guidelines will enable enthusiasts to go about their business without causing harm or injury.

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