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FAA Hits Drone Pilot With $182,000 In Fines
While consumer drones might not have been regulated at the start, they are now by various governing agencies around the world. The laws will vary from country to country, where in some places like the US, drone owners are required to register their drones (unless it weighs under 0.55 pounds) with the FAA.

Pilots Spotted Someone Flying A Jetpack Near LAX
It seems that pilots don’t only have to worry about other planes in the sky, birds, or drones, but it looks like a new worry can be added to the list in the form of people flying jetpacks. This is because according to a recent report, pilots flying over LAX have reported to have seen someone flying a jetpack near the airport.

Amazon’s Commercial Drone Delivery Gains FAA Trial Approval
We know that Amazon has had plans to use drones to help with the delivery of packages. The good news is that the company can now start doing so, at least on a trial basis as the FAA has basically given their approval and has granted the company an “air carrier” designation. This means that Amazon can now conduct trials for commercial drone delivery.

The FAA Wants To Track All Drones Flying In The US
Several years ago, the FAA implemented a rule in which drone operators would be required to register their drones with the agency. There are several reasons for this, one of which included making sure that drone operators fly their drones responsibly and not into restricted areas or use them for illegal purposes.


UPS Gains FAA Approval For Drone Deliveries
As a delivery company, UPS has certainly done a lot in terms of trying to improve on its operations with hi-tech solutions. In fact, more recently, it seems that you might be able to expect to start seeing more UPS drones making deliveries, thanks to the FAA recently giving the company’s subsidiary, UPS Flight Forward, the approval to act as a “drone airline”.

The FAA Apparently Needs To Remind Users Not To Weaponize Their Drones
The drones that are designed for consumer use typically come with a camera attached to it. However, in theory, if you could attach a camera, you could attach all manner of objects, including weapons like guns, a flamethrower, and so on. Obviously this is illegal but apparently it’s not a fact that is obvious to some.

FAA’s New App Helps Drone Operators Figure Out Where They Can And Cannot Fly
Drone operators are probably aware that over in the US, there are various restrictions set in place by the FAA in which there are certain locations where they may or may not fly their drones. This makes sense, especially since flying drones near places like airports can be rather dangerous and disruptive.

FAA Discovers A New Flaw In Boeing’s 737 Max Planes
We put a lot of faith in airplanes to stay in the sky while it is flying, but unfortunately, accidents do happen from time to time, and that is why Boeing’s 737 Max planes are currently grounded due to some flaws which some believe could have been the reason behind the recent crashes. The company is working on a fix, but it seems that it could take longer than we […]

FAA Says Boeing 737 Max Software Fix Is 'Operationally Suitable'
The Boeing 737 Max jets remained grounded across the globe following two fatal crashes involving the plane in Indonesia and Ethiopia just five months apart. The jet’s new MCAS anti-stall system was reportedly the common denominator in both incidents and Boeing has since been working on a software fix which would make the system less aggressive and provide pilots with more control over it. The Federal Aviation Administration has been […]

FAA Approval For Boeing's 737 Max Fix Still 'Weeks' Away
Boeing recently detailed the software fix for the issues in its 737 Max jets which have been grounded across the globe following two fatal crashes merely five months apart. Even though the manufacturer appears to have everything ready to go, it may be a while before those planes can take to the skies once again. The Boeing 737 Max update fix is said to be “weeks” away from being approved […]

Computer Outage Causes Nationwide Flight Delays On Five Airlines
A computer outage has caused flight delays this morning as it affected operations of at least five airlines nationwide. According to reports, the same outage affected United, Delta, Alaska, Southwest, and JetBlue. The source was apparently a vendor that services multiple carriers.

U.S. Bans Lithium Ion Batteries As Cargo On Passenger Flights
US Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration have announced new guidelines with regards to the transport of lithium ion batteries on airplanes. It is no longer allowed to store lithium ion cells or batteries as cargo on passenger flights. Moreover, companies will no longer be allowed to ship batteries with more than 30 percent charge on cargo-only aircraft.

FAA Could Allow Drone Flights Over Crowds
The Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly thinking about softening drone restrictions and allowing flights over crowds. The proposals have been unveiled this week which would classify drones in three main categories each with their own set of restrictions. The drones will be categorized based on their weight and the amount of damage that they can potentially do to a person.

DJI Drones Have Been Cleared To Fly Near Airports
Ever since drones have gotten more popular, more regulations have been created to help manage them, such as making it illegal for drones to fly in certain spaces, such as near airports as there have been multiple instances where we have seen near collisions with airplanes. However it seems that the FAA has decided to relax their rules a little.

Regulators Propose Visible License Plates On Drones In The Future
When drone owners register their drones with the FAA, they’ll get a government-issued ID number that they can then put on the drone or inside the drone for identification purposes in the future. However the only problem with that is that you only know the drone’s identification when you have it in your hands.

Drone Registrations Mandatory Once Again In The U.S.
The Department of Transportation passed a law in December 2015 which made it mandatory for non-commercial drones to be registered. The FAA revealed in March that more than 100,000 hobby drone owners had registered their drones in the first three months of the year. The law was later struck down by a Washington, D.C. court so hobby drone owners could legally fly them without any registration. They won’t be pleased […]

FAA To Restrict Drones From Flying Around Certain US Landmarks
If you’re a drone owner in the US and you’re looking to fly your drone around some of the famous landmarks in the US, you might want to take note that the FAA has recently announced that they will be restricting drones from flying around certain landmarks in the US, one of them being the Statue of Liberty.

Non-Commercial Drones No Longer Need To Be Registered With The FAA
Back in 2015, the FAA introduced a ruling which required drone owners to register their drones with the agency. Given that some drone owners in the past have been quite a nuisance with their drones by flying it into restricted airspace or onto other people’s property, this registration basically made drone owners more accountable for their actions.

Boeing To Use 3D Printed Parts For The 787 Dreamliner
We’ve seen 3D printing being used in all kinds of industries where it can be used to create things on the spot that might otherwise take a long time. It also helps companies and users create working prototypes on the fly, and we’ve also seen how it can be used in the fashion industry to help create customized sneakers.

FAA No Longer Requires Airlines To Warn Passengers About The Note 7
Following the increasing number of reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding, it was understandable that the FAA and airline companies around the world banned the phone from being brought on board. Airlines would also make announcements ahead of flights to remind passengers that they should not possess the phone on their person.