0101-whited00r-1We’re sure there are still plenty of users out there who are using some of Apple’s legacy products, such as second-generation iPhones or iPod touches, devices that unfortunately did not make the cut when it came to updating to any of Apple’s newer iOS updates, such as iOS 7. Unfortunately this is the case of older hardware, whereby the components might not have enough juice to support the newer visuals and features brought about by new software updates. We have seen this happen to computers in the past, so this is really no surprise. The good news is that if you still own said devices and would love to see some iOS 7 features brought to your iPhone or iPod touch, you might be in luck.

This is thanks to a group of hackers called whited00r who have been working to bring some of iOS 7’s features onto older iOS devices. The group has been responsible for the whited00r firmware which is basically a modified version of iOS 3.1.3 that mimics the look of newer iOS updates, and with the release of whited00r 7, the group has released a firmware that has been designed to emulate some of iOS 7’s features and looks, such as an iOS-styled camera app, multitasking view, and even Control Center! Of course your mileage might vary depending on the condition of your device, but individual features can be enabled/disabled if you find that it degrades your device’s performance. For more information about installing the custom firmware, hit up the group’s website for the details.

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