Microsoft Denies Rumors Of A Halo MovieBack in 2011, we heard reports that Microsoft could be planning a Halo movie. Given the popularity of the franchise and how sci-fi flicks have been well-established and received, it seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately the movie never surfaced. Recently there have been rumors that the project could have been revived where a live-action movie was planned with director Ridley Scott at the helm. If you were excited at the idea, we’re sorry to have to burst your bubble because it turns out that those rumors just aren’t true. According to a statement released to Eurogamer, Microsoft claims that there are no plans for a Halo motion pictured at this time.

On one hand it is disappointing news for gamers and fans of the franchise, but at the same time with a Halo-based television series in the works, we doubt Microsoft will want to spend additional time and resources on a movie at the same time. That and the fact that we have Halo 5 to look forward to this year means that Microsoft would have bitten off more than they can chew. In any case hopefully we will be blessed with a Halo movie in the future, but for now we guess fans and gamers will have to “make do” with a television series and new game.

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