Pebble Steel Starts Shipping and Pebble App Store Debuts

Pebble showed its new Pebble Steel at CES 2014 which got a lot of traction and numerous awards during the show. Pebbel, starts shipping early orders of Pebble Steel  today, you can order your for $249 on

Additionally, the company is finally realizing its appstore, which will make the life of the 300,000 Pebblers way easier! According to the company, the app store is almost ready and it will launch very soon.  Additionally, four new very popular apps will be available from the Pebble appstore: Foursquare, GoPro, Yelp and ESPN. The company announced that it will also feature Pandora, ESPN and Mercedes-Benz application

Before the release of the Pebble appstore, finding new apps for the smartwatch was not very easy on multiple third-party appstores such as Mypebblefaces or From the demo I saw before CES, and the screen shots, the user interface seems easy to use and allows a flexible management of your apps.


Acess the appstore from the Pebble app and Store more apps in the locker (empty in the screen shot) and tap on the app icon to manage it

There are three main menus in the new Pebble application: My Pebble, to access the apps you have installed , Get WatchFaces and Get Apps, which provide access to the Appstore where you will discover new apps and watchfaces. Since pebble can only have 8 applications installed, My Pebble section offers  a “Locker” area to store more applications and swap them easily onto the watch when needed.

Eric Migicovsky founder and CEO, Pebble, showed me a demo of the Pebble Steel and the some of the new applications mentioned above. (No demo of the appstore in the video, I saw it off camera). Read more information in the foocial Pebble blogpost here


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