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Pebble Smartwatches Could Be Getting A Second Lease On Life
As you might have heard, Fitbit has announced that they will be officially ending support for the Pebble watch this month. However the good news is that if you still think that the Pebble smartwatch is a great device that you want to keep using, it seems that it could be getting a second lease on life.

Fitbit To End Support For The Pebble Smartwatch This June
Many Pebble smartwatch owners were probably a little worried about the future of their devices when Fitbit announced that they would be acquiring the company. Their fears were initially confirmed when Fitbit announced that the watches would only work through 2017, but later Fitbit issued an update that removed dependency on the servers, meaning that the watches would keep working even if Pebble’s servers were shut down.

Software Update Will Allow Pebble Watches To Work Indefinitely
Last year the folks at Fitbit confirmed that they would be acquiring Kickstarter smartwatch darling Pebble. The announcement saw Fitbit ultimately decide to halt the sales of Pebble watches, although the company did reassure Pebble owners that their watches would keep working through 2017.

Fitbit's Own App Store Will Be Launched Soon
Wearable device company Fitbit is working on its own app store. This was confirmed by the company’s CEO James Park during an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas earlier this week. The CEO said that Fitbit wants to launch its own wearable app store “as soon as possible.”


Fitbit To Keep Pebble’s Services Running Through 2017
When Fitbit announced that they would be acquiring Pebble, they also announced that they would be halting the sales of Pebble devices. Basically from what we can tell, Fitbit has no desire to keep the Pebble brand around and sell its products alongside their own, but there is some good news.

Pebble Halts Sales As Fitbit Confirms Acquisition
We’ve been hearing for about a week now that Fitbit is likely to acquire Pebble. The latter has competed in the wearable device market for a couple of years now and even though it was off to a good start, its situation hasn’t really been that good recently. Fitbit has officially announced today that it’s acquiring Pebble’s key assets which don’t include hardware. Fitbit has therefore halted sales of its […]

Fitbit’s Acquisition Of Pebble Could Kill Off Pebble Time 2 & Core
Sometimes the goal of startups is to create a unique enough product or service and be acquired/bought out by big companies. Pebble has been a Kickstarter darling for quite a few years now, and recently we heard rumors that Fitbit could be acquiring the company which sounds like good news, right?

Fitbit May Acquire Pebble For $40 Million
Pebble is a smartwatch company that launched its first product on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign proved to be a hit as it raised a record amount of money for the company. It has taken the same route to launch additional products but with almost every major mobile company jumping on the bandwagon with similar products, it’s getting harder for Pebble to thrive. According to a report, Fitbit may end up […]

Pebble 2 With Heart Rate Tracker Now Available For Pre-Order
If you’re shopping around for a new smartwatch, you might be interested to learn that Kickstarter darling Pebble has announced that the Pebble 2 is now shipping to its Kickstarter backers (launched in May earlier this year), and that for those who missed their chance, it is also available for pre-order.

Pebble Offering Two Pebble Time Round Smartwatches In Polished Finishes
Pebble’s latest Kickstarter campaign for two new smartwatches and an activity tracker has done very well. The company has raised $11 million in total, it’s original goal was just $1 million, and there are still 14 days to go before this campaign ends. As a reward for backers, the company has announced today that it’s offering the Pebble Time Round in two new polished finishes. They will be made available […]

Amazon’s Alexa Will Be Integrated Into The Pebble Core
A couple of weeks ago, Pebble announced a new series of wearables that they would be launching soon. One of the wearables is called the Pebble Core which is essentially a clip-on fitness tracker, thus giving users the core functions of a fitness tracker minus the fluff and other features that might not be 100% necessary.

Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 And Pebble Core Announced
We reported yesterday that Pebble was counting down to an announcement due today and it was expected that the company would unveil new devices, which is what it has done. Pebble has announced the Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core wearable devices today. Like its previous products, they are being launched through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter as well.

Pebble Counting Down To An Announcement Due Tomorrow
It makes sense for Pebble to put up a countdown timer when it wants you to pay attention to an announcement that it’s about to make, it is the business of making smartwatches after all. The company has put up a countdown timer on its website that’s counting down until 10 am EST on May 24, which is tomorrow. Pebble hasn’t revealed what all of this is about.

Pebble Time Special Editions Launched For Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day will be coming soon which means that you should probably start thinking about how to treat your mom on that special day, if you haven’t done so already. Now if your mom is all about technology, then the folks at Pebble might have something of interest for you: a special edition Pebble Time Round smartwatch.

Pebble Text Replies To iOS Users Arrives For Verizon
It was in November last year that Pebble rolled out a Text Reply feature for iOS, which would at long last, allow iPhone users to be able to respond to incoming text messages right there and then on their Pebble smartwatch using a voice note or a default text response. The thing is, that particular feature remained exclusive only to those who are rocking on AT&T’s network, but it seems […]

Pebble Slashes Prices Permanently For Selected Products
It is time to bust out the credit card if you have been hankering after a Pebble device for the longest time, but never really took the plunge simply because the price point is not as comfortable as how you would have liked it to be. Never mind – as of today, Pebble has announced price cuts for a couple of its color e-ink smartwatches, which are the Pebble Time […]

Pebble Update Brings Improved Health Tracking
Pebble is rolling out a new firmware update for its Pebble Time smartwatch that brings an improved health tracking and messaging experience. Those who own its smartwatch can now download the updated apps for iOS and Android, version 3.6 and version 3.9 respectively, and update the firmware of their smartwatch to version 3.9.

Pebble Health Offers Native Activity Tracking Capability
It looks like the folks over at Pebble have managed to deliver updates to their software and smartphone apps today, which will definitely benefit just about all Pebble users. Other than delivering timeline to Pebble Classic and Steel, Pebble Health would also debut on the Pebble Time range, which so happens to be a totally new, fully native activity tracking experience that boasts of timeline integration to boot.

Pagaré Smartstrap Will Add NFC Payments To The Pebble Smartwatch
One of the features of the Apple Watch is the fact that it has Apple Pay built into the device. This means that you could use your smartwatch to help pay for purchases. It is more convenient than whipping out your phone especially given that the watch will be worn on your wrist. The good news is that if you’re a Pebble owner, you can expect NFC payments in the […]

Pebble Time Round Arriving In Retail Stores November 8
A couple of months ago, the folks at Pebble unveiled a new smartwatch in the form of the Pebble Time Round. Unlike the company’s previous offerings, the Pebble Time Round marks the first time the company has released a round smartwatch, joining the likes of Samsung, Motorola, LG, and so on.The good news is that if you wanted to get your hands on the device, come 8th of November you […]