note 4Might it be too soon to start talking about a Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Given the success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of phablets, it is expected that the South Korean tech giant could be planning a successor to the Galaxy Note 3 which we can only assume will launch later this year, but what will it look like? While specs and features are important aspects to consider, design is another important part of purchase decisions as well. After all having a powerful phone in an ungly design is a bit of a put off, don’t you think? Well according to a patent filed by Samsung (discovered by SammyToday), it shows a design of a handset that could clue us in as to what the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might look like.

Given that the patent doesn’t actually mention a particular device, one could argue that this design could be for just about any phone from Samsung. However the telling feature would be its slot for the S Pen stylus which has typically accompanied Samsung’s Galaxy Note handsets. Of course one could also make the argument that perhaps it could be the Galaxy S5’s design and that the handset could incorporate S Pen support, but why would Samsung want to take away the differentiating factor from the Galaxy Note series? In any case the patent’s design shows off a more curved handset compared to previous generations, and to a certain extent we’re kind of digging it.

Could this really be the design of the Galaxy Note 4? It’s hard to tell but assuming that it is, what do you guys make of it? Is this a design you could get on board with?

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