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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Batteries Being Recalled For Overheating Risk
Following the disastrous launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year in which there were several instances of batteries overheating and exploding and catching on fire, you can imagine that Samsung is being very cautious about such incidents repeating themselves in the future, and to their credit Samsung has taken active measures to prevent that from happening.

Galaxy Note 4 Android 6.0.1 Update Released By T-Mobile
T-Mobile is finally rolling out the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note 4. Since the handset is nearly two years old it wasn’t prioritized like the more recent devices were, but the carrier has finally come around to releasing Marshmallow for this handset. It’s likely that this is the last major update that the Galaxy Note 4 gets as Android devices are generally not supported for major updates […]

Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Update Finally Released
Carriers don’t really have the best of reputation when it comes to software updates, their procedures tend to delay updates quite a bit which is one of the reasons why fragmentation is so common in Android. Galaxy Note 4 owners on Verizon have been waiting for a very long time to get the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update and finally the carrier is rolling out said update today.

Galaxy Note 4 Android 6.0 Update Leaks Out Ahead Of Time
You might find it hard to believe that Samsung would release the latest version of Android first for a handset that’s not part of its 2015 flagship lineup but that appears to have happened for at least one Galaxy Note 4 user in Hungary who has received an Android 6.0 Marshmallow build on his handset. By no means is this an official release of the firmware that many are anxiously waiting […]


T-Mobile Releases Android 5.1.1. For Galaxy Note 4 And Note Edge
Android users across the globe, who have compatible devices, are surely waiting for Android 6.0 Marshmallow to arrive but it appears that there may be more wait involved. As OEMs get updates for their handsets ready and carriers buckle up to put the updates through their paces, they’re also rolling out the latest iteration of Lollipop for devices that haven’t received it yet, like the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy […]

Galaxy Note Edge And Galaxy Note 4 Get Android 5.1.1 On AT&T
Last year’s Note flagships are finally getting the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update on AT&T, the carrier has rolled out said update for the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4. It may not be the latest publicly available version of Android but it’s the most recent one for these two handsets, most users across the country should have received an update notification by now.

Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge+ Off To A Better Start Than Galaxy Note 4
Earlier this month Samsung finally unveiled its two new flagship devices, the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. It has now started releasing both handsets gradually in supported markets across the globe, the latest word from Korea is that the two handsets are performing much better in the first week of launch than the Galaxy Note 4 did when it was released in September last year.

Galaxy Note 5’s Battery Found To Last Longer Than Note 4
The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 3,000mAh battery. This is a relatively decent sized battery but when you consider that it’s smaller than the Galaxy Note 4 which has a 3,220mAh battery, you’re probably a bit confused. After all wouldn’t the display and more powerful processor eat up more battery than before?However as it turns out that is not the case. According to a report from PhoneArena who […]

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Arrives For Galaxy Note 4 Owners
Good things come to those who wait happens to be a mantra that we are all familiar with by now, and I suppose there should be times in life where one does not need to wait so long for something good, right? This is the culture and age that we live in at the moment – where we would like to have instant gratification. Well, the patient and long wait […]

Sprint Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Update Brings Stagefright Fix
Sprint has released a new update for Galaxy Note 4 today which brings up the device from Android 5.0 to Android 5.1.1. Aside from bringing all of the improvements that are part and parcel of Android 5.1.1 this update also brings a critical security vulnerability fix. Sprint has patched the Stagefright vulnerability discovered in Android recently with this software update for the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung's 'Notable Savings' Promotion Gives $200 Rebate On Galaxy Note 4
In just a couple of months from now Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy Note 5 which means it’s the perfect time for the company to run promotions and offer deals to get rid of as much of its Galaxy Note 4 stock as possible. Samsung has announced a new promotion called “Notable Savings” which promises a $200 rebate following a full price purchase of the Galaxy Note 4.

Sprint Releases Software Updates For Galaxy S5 And Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 owners on Sprint will receive an update notification today as the carrier is rolling out a new build for both devices. There’s not much to expect with this build as it’s an incremental update nevertheless it does bring a tweak or two for the devices . Given that it’s an incremental update it’s not that really big of a download so you don’t have to […]

Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Update Enters Testing
The Galaxy Note 4 wasn’t among the first devices for which Samsung released the Android 5.0 but it still got the Lollipop update all in good time. Now there’s all sorts of speculation about when Samsung will roll out Android 5.1.1 for its handsets. It has not yet provided a confirmed release date for any of its devices, however according to a new report it appears that the company has […]

Galaxy Note 4 Beats Out iPhone 6/6 Plus In Customer Satisfaction
When it comes to competing smartphones, it isn’t always about Android versus Android. In the case of Samsung, many consider Apple’s iPhone to be its chief rival and with that being said, how is Samsung faring in the customer satisfaction department? As it turns out pretty well!This is according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (via PhoneArena) which found that last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 actually beat out Apple’s […]

Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Update Expected In July
It was reported only recently that Samsung had started working on the Android 5.1 update for a number of its high-end devices. Even though the company has not confirmed release timeframes for any of those devices, it’s believed that Samsung will be quick to sent this particular update out. According to a new report the company is going to release Android 5.1.1 for the Galaxy Note 4 in July.

Galaxy Note 4 Gets Factory Reset Protection Update On Sprint
Galaxy Note 4 users aren’t really looking out for a major update given the fact that this handset was among the first few devices that Samsung rolled out Lollipop for. Granted that Android 5.1 is yet to arrive for this update but since users are on Lollipop most of them wouldn’t mind waiting until it’s time for Android 5.1 to be released. Sprint is sending out a new update to its Galaxy […]

Galaxy Note 4 Customers In The US Get Free Avengers Case
The Avengers is probably the hottest movie at the moment and rightfully so given how many fans there are of Marvel, not counting the new ones Marvel made from its previous comic book movie releases. This is why it does not come as a surprise to learn that Samsung is taking advantage of the show’s popularity to create Avengers-themed handsets.

Galaxy Note 4 Finally Gets Lollipop On T-Mobile
T-Mobile subscribers who own the Galaxy Note 4 have been waiting for quite a long time to get a taste of Lollipop. It was only earlier this month that it was revealed that T-Mobile had started testing said update for the phablet. However the carrier hadn’t revealed when we could expect to see Lollipop arrive for the Galaxy Note 4. That day is today. T-Mobile has finally released Android 5.0.1 for the Galaxy […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 Gets Lollipop Next Week
Multiple carriers in the United States have released the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Galaxy Note 4 but T-Mobile is not one of them. A couple of weeks back we reported when the carrier started testing said update for this device and now we have information about when it’s going to be released. T-Mobile is going to release the Lollipop update for Galaxy Note 4 starting next week.

Galaxy Note 4 And Note Edge Get Lollipop On U.S. Cellular
U.S. Cellular is finally releasing the anxiously awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. It surely took its sweet time to get the update out to these devices. Most of the major carriers in the country are already done with Lollipop for these two handsets. Nevertheless, U.S. Cellular subscribers won’t be thinking about that today when the update notification pops up on their device.