When I got my first smartphone, the iPhone 3GS, one of the first few games I downloaded was Tap Tap Revenge. After all playing games like Guitar Hero on the PS3 was already so fun, imagine replicating that play style on a mobile device that you can bring with you on the go! Pretty compelling, isn’t it? Unfortunately it looks like all good things must come to an end as the company being Tap Tap Revenge, Tapulous, has announced that they will be officially shutting the franchise down for good and will be pulled from the app store starting from today, and that the game’s servers will be closed at the beginning of February.

According to the company, the reason behind the closure is due to the ever-changing mobile and music markets, which the company believes no longer makes sense for them to maintain the game. The good news is that those who still have the game will be able to keep playing them, but take note that if you were to reset your phone and lose any songs you might have bought/downloaded, you will not be able to restore them. This shutdown will also apply to the Android version of the game, although we guess there will probably be places where you might be able to download the APKs if you were to search hard enough. So, anyone sad to see such a classic iOS game disappear?

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