smartphone-digital-signage-systemToshiba Tec Corporation has come up with something interesting – they have successfully developed a digital signage system which is capable of hooking up to a smartphone, and this particular prototype was recently showcased in Japan. In this particular system, multiple smartphone users are able to access the system which is known as “Smartphone-linked Signage,” all the while retrieving store information as well as coupons. Toshiba Tec is currently working on this particular system with the hopes of commercializing it, getting assistance from the likes of Toshiba Corp. and Hakuhodo i-studio Inc. to boot. Just how does the smartphone-linked signage work?

Well, it will send out beacon signals at first by using Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. Whenever your smartphone ends up closer with the system and picks up the beacon signals, it will become possible to hook up the phone to the system. From there, a button will appear on the smartphone display, where an icon which shares the same color as the button will then appear on the display of the signage system.

Each time the button is operated, the icon will move accordingly, where one will then be able to pick a piece of information of their choice. The presence of multiple users will change the way interaction works – colors of both the button and icon becomes different from user to user.

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