xiaomi-50dollarThe folks over at Xiaomi has plans to double their smartphone sales this year, and just how are they going to achieve that particular target? Well, either you come up with a handset that is highly desirable that folks are willing to sell an arm and a leg to procure one, or to drop the entry price point to such insanely reasonable levels, that everyone would not mind picking one up even though they already own a decent smartphone to begin with. Xiaomi of China looks set to take the latter route, where they are touted to be working on a $50 smartphone that ought to be released sometime down the road.

I guess this $50 smartphone will be part of this year’s target of rolling out 40 million handsets, and to be able to own a handset that does not cost more than a tank of gas? That would be pretty cool to come up with. One of the target markets that Xiaomi is looking at would be Southeast Asia, where Hugo Barra, the former Android chief at Google who happens to be heading Xiaomi’s expansion efforts now sid, “I’m trying to find markets and get to them as quickly as possible.” Would you pick up a $50 handset just for fun since it is so cheap?

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