google-shopping-localMany years ago, the question asked would be how many of us actually do our shopping online? However with internet being widely available and with more customers being more trusting, the question has become, how do you do your internet shopping? Well it turns out that according to a recent Nielsen survey, it was found that 87% of shoppers do their shopping on their smartphones or tablets. This is actually an increase of 8% from back in 2012.

However in terms of usage, it varies between smartphone and tablet users. For example the survey found that 65% of tablet users used their device to do product research, perhaps read up on reviews and the likes. However as for smartphone users, 66% of them tend to use their phones to check on prices whilst in the retail showrooms.

Depending on which shop you go to and what their policy is, it makes sense because there are some outlets that will not only match the price of a competitor, but might even offer it 5-10% cheaper. This might explain why there is a higher use of smartphones used in retail outlets to check on price.

It was also found that 40% of tablet owners use their tablets to make purchases directly in the comfort of their own home, versus using a computer. It is an interesting survey and perhaps one that retailers should take note of. Perhaps if there are more shoppers using their mobile devices, might there be some way to take advantage of that?

In the past we have seen how outlets have offered up discounts or freebies for customers who use social media on their phones to either check in at the store’s location, or upload a photo onto Instagram.

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