tetris-cravingNow this is going to sound really weird, but at the end of it all, I am quite sure that there is some method to the madness eventually. We humans do have varying degrees of cravings, be it from food or drink, or even exercise and physical intimacy. The discipline as well as mental fortitude required to withstand such cravings ranks pretty high for most of us, so what can you do if you do not possess the legendary kind of willpower required? How about indulging in a little bit of Tetris? This certainly sounds like some sort of quack science, but according to psychologists at Plymouth University, a short play session of Tetris will be able to reduce whatever cravings that you are experiencing at the moment until they wear out eventually.

Apparently, playing Tetris would help you re-focus your mind into visualizing another matter, where it would enable you to beat that particular craving for the moment. Just a few minutes of Tetris is able to achieve this, where your brain will then focus on the game instead of the craving. There is one particular loophole in this theory though – what if one has the craving to play Tetris? Does he or she go off and gorge on a chocolate cake instead?

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