bing-iosMicrosoft has just introduced a spanking new update of its Bing app, targeting iPhone users who happen to enjoy this navigational tool. This is a positive development, since it has been several months since Microsoft rolled out a revamped version for all iOS devices. What makes this particular update more special than the rest is this – it is apparently meant just for iPhone owners, and has yet to be optimized for the iPad – or maybe, never. Microsoft did mention that the new features which are introduced in the updated iPhone Bing app were all thrown into the mix because of input from their user base. Among the new additions would be a widget that boasts of a quartet of touch-friendly buttons which would enable users to “return to the homepage, conduct a voice search, conduct a text search or see your Recent searches.”

This particular widget will be available at all times in the app, unless you take the extra effort to fiddle around in the settings to disable it. Apart from that, there is also the ability to run multiple search strings on Bing without having to do away with the original results – neat, especially when you have multiple destinations that you would like to check out in a single search moment. The app is capable of checking out what is currently trending on the Internet, alongside a brand new UI which will boast of full screen tiles, in addition to featuring a way to physically shake the iPhone in order to deliver a random trending story. [Press Release]

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