siri_imageWhen Siri was first introduced, Apple presented it in such a way that made the feature seem flawless and extremely responsive. In reality? Well back when Siri was first released with the iPhone 4S, it definitely did not perform as advertised. Many complaints found that Siri was slow, unresponsive, and failed to understand them as there were some accents that Siri found hard to listen to. Apple was hit with a lawsuit over false advertising which the company later claimed that Siri was still considered to be in beta, and now fast forward two years, a federal judge has decided to throw out the lawsuit against Apple, claiming that he did not find that Apple committed fraud.

According to US District Judge, Claudia Wilken, she found that Apple’s marketing descriptions of Siri were not considered to be fraud, and that Apple’s claims of Siri being “the coolest feature”, a “breakthrough”, and “an intelligent personal assistant” were just “puffery” and were not grounds for a lawsuit. Based on this ruling, it would seem that future lawsuits against Apple over Siri will most likely face the same outcome as well, thanks to the ruling which has set a precedent for future cases. Customers who filed the lawsuit were not allowed to amend their complaint and their next course of action will be to appeal to a higher court.

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