New Xbox 360 Chrome Controllers Revealed

xbox360Despite the fact that the Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest console, we’re pretty sure there are still many gamers out there who are holding on to their Xbox 360 units, probably due to the large library of games that they might have amassed over the years, and also probably because the Xbox One is still pretty pricey at $499 and there aren’t too many games available for the platform just yet. However if you’re getting a little tired of your Xbox 360 and you want to spice things up a bit, Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb has revealed that additional colors will be added to the Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series of wireless controllers.

The new colors will be a chrome black finish and a chrome purple finish, both of which look pretty stunning, although the thing with chrome is that it tends to attract a fair amount of fingerprints which is something to take into consideration if you were planning on getting your hands on the controller. The controllers will be priced at $54.99 each although they will be available at different retailers. If the black controller was something you had your eye on, you can expect to find it at Walmart and the Microsoft Store, while the purple controller will be available via Best Buy or the Microsoft Store, with both controllers expected to be available come March.

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