titanfallTitanfall is an upcoming game designed for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the PC and will be an exclusive release for Microsoft’s platforms. Given what we’ve seen so far including the hype and anticipation that can be felt, it seems that the game has the potential to become the next big title for Microsoft.


However we heard earlier this week that there was a rumor going around suggesting that the game might not run at Full HD 1080p resolution on the Xbox One. Instead the reports claimed that the game would run at 720p HD instead. Unfortunately it turns out that the rumors were right as it was semi-confirmed by Respawn Entertainment’s own Vince Zampella.

In a recent tweet by Zampella, he responded to a fan asking him if the rumors about a 1080p Full HD Titanfall was true, in which he replied with a simple and curt “no”. While Zampella did not state what resolution we might expect from the game, it seems that 720p would be a safe bet, or at least 792p.

The beta of Titanfall was found to be running at the 792p resolution, so we’re not sure why Respawn might be lowering the resolution. However it has been suggested that the textures are definitely there for Full HD support, namely due to the fact that the game will require as much as 48GB on the Xbox.

Either way we guess gameplay will ultimately triumph over graphics, but at the same time we guess it would be nice if the game was both fun to play and played at a higher resolution. Gamers what do you think? Does this affect your decision to play the game?

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