We can measure things like speed, reaction time, strength, and so on, but can we really measure the human spirit and determination? Perhaps will we find out next month as world famous table tennis player, Timo Boll, will be going head-to-head with Kuka KR Agilus. Table tennis fans are probably scratching their heads wondering who is this mysterious challenger. Well it is not a person, but a robot created by German robotics manufacturer, Kuka. The company has decided to pit the Kuka KR Agilus robot against Timo Boll come 11th of March to celebrate the company’s first even plant in Shanghai which spans an impressive 20,000 square-meters.

Kuka has several Agilus models available, but apparently the AR Agilus is the model that has been designed to work at high speeds with high levels of precision too, meaning that the robot should be quick enough and precise enough to react to Boll’s serves and rallies. We’re not sure how this will play out but like we said, can a robot beat the human spirit and determination? After all Boll is not only Germany’s most successful tablet tennis player, but is also a World Cup winner and European champion, but what do you guys think? Who would you place your money on?

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