There will not be a Wimbledon Championship this year due to the coronavirus. This isn’t surprising as many sporting events have been put on hold or postponed, most notably the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But what if you really wanted to watch a game of tennis? Thanks to the use of AI, researchers have managed to create an extremely realistic and almost believable game of tennis.

The researchers from Stanford University trained their AI using a database of annotated footage. By “watching” these videos, the AI managed to learn and predict how certain tennis players would move or react in various situations, and as a result, the researchers put together a video that showed tennis pros playing against each other.

However, none of it is real as they were generated using AI, but like we said, it looks very realistic and if you weren’t paying too much attention, it could be easily passed off looking like the real thing. By using AI, the researchers could create all kinds of dream matches of pros playing against each other.

Or like in the video above, one of the researcher even suggests that you could have tennis professionals play against themselves, which is kind of weird to watch but we’re sure some you might have imagined what it would be like if Roger Federer were to go up against himself.

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