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PES 22’s Graphics Are Scarily Realistic
Video games these days are becoming more realistic not just in terms of the game’s physics, but also in its graphics. If you’re wondering just how realistic we’re talking about, then you might want to check out these screenshots of Konami’s upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 (PES 22) which shows some portraits of players that look almost as real as photographs.

AI Tracking Camera Hilariously Mistakes Bald Referee’s Head For A Soccer Ball
If you ask a camera operator to track a soccer ball on the field, they probably wouldn’t have much difficulty in doing so, or at least they would have no issues differentiating between a soccer ball and a human head. However, when it comes to AI, it might be a different story, like in the case of a soccer game held in Scotland.

Researchers Use AI To Generate Extremely Realistic Tennis Matches
There will not be a Wimbledon Championship this year due to the coronavirus. This isn’t surprising as many sporting events have been put on hold or postponed, most notably the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But what if you really wanted to watch a game of tennis? Thanks to the use of AI, researchers have managed to create an extremely realistic and almost believable game of tennis.

This Connected Rubik’s Cube Lets You Compete Remotely
Solving a Rubik’s Cube can be incredibly frustrating but also immensely satisfying when you do figure it out. It can also be amazing to watch how fast people can solve these puzzles during competition. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, hosting competitions in real life doesn’t seem like the best of ideas.


NBA Fans Can Attend Games Virtually Using Microsoft Teams
With social distancing rules in effect, it means that things we used to do might no longer be possible, at least for now. This includes attending large gatherings like going to an NBA game. However, if you do enjoy the feel of being in an arena seated among other NBA fans who share your passion, Microsoft might have the solution.

NBA Could Use Oura Rings To Help Detect COVID-19 Symptoms In Players
The COVID-19 virus pandemic has yet to be fully contained and until a vaccine can be found and administered, it has been generally advised that people should practice social distancing. This means that a lot of events that involve a lot of people, such as sporting events, need to either be put on hold or find ways to hold them safely.

Formula E Driver Caught Hiring A Professional Gamer To Race For Him in eSports Event
Now that quite a number of major sporting events have been cancelled, what we’re seeing is how some sporting organizations and event organizers have come up with some creative solutions, such as getting professional athletes to compete in the eSports version of the game that they play.

Reebok Shows Off Its Concept Fitness Masks
Fitness masks aren’t really a new concept. If you’ve ever seen fitness videos, you might have noticed some people wearing them. The idea behind these masks aren’t really about protecting the wearer from bacteria or viruses, but more about restricting airflow to help simulate high altitudes to help improve cardiorespiratory fitness levels.

Electric Flying Car Races Could Be Something To Look Forward To In The Future
Racing against each other is something that we as humans do. We race using our body, and there are even sports where we race against each other using cars. However, it seems that in the future, it is possible that we could find ourselves watching a sport where we race against each other using electric flying cars.

Professional NASCAR Driver ‘Rage Quits’ eSports Match
Now that sporting events have been largely called off due to the coronavirus outbreak, professional athletes are now turning to eSports to help keep them in the game. We’ve seen this with the NBA and more recently, NASCAR has also adopted a similar approach by having professional drivers race in online games.

IOC Member Suggests That The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Might Have Been Postponed
Earlier this year, as the spread of the coronavirus started to worsen, it was suggested that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics could be cancelled. This would be quite a shame as many athletes have no doubt spent years practicing and training everyday to get to where they are, and to compete in the largest global sporting event.

Canada And Australia Pull Out Of The 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world, many events scheduled to take place this year have been cancelled. While not officially cancelled yet, it was reported earlier this year that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics could be on the chopping block. Like we said, an official decision has yet to be made, but at least two countries will no longer be participating in it.

Fujitsu Develops AI System That Can Help Judges Score Gymnastic Events
When it comes to judging sports, there have been numerous systems developed over the years to help humans come to certain decisions. For example, slow-motion/instant replay camera systems have been created so that certain moments can be viewed again to determine if a play was a foul or if it was legit, and so on.

NFL Quarterback Hit With $5,000 Fine For Wearing Apple Watch On The Sidelines
Thanks to technology, it has become increasingly easier to communicate with each other than before. This has led to some pretty hi-tech ways of cheating during exams, which is why it is not surprising that the NFL has banned electronic devices that can transmit messaging while on the field.

Intel To Host An Olympics-Sanctioned eSports Tournament In 2020
The Olympic games is typically home to more traditional sporting events. However, in recent times, it seems that the people behind the Olympic games have slowly started to change their minds, where a few years ago, they have acknowledged that eSports is considered as a sporting activity.

Garmin Venu, GPS smartwatch with AMOLED Display
Garmin unveiled Venu, its GPS smartwatch featuring an AMOLED screen that delivers up to 5 days of battery life. Since AMOLED technology uses less energy when the display background is black, it made sense for the smartwatch maker to create such a product.

PUMA Smartwatch, Powered by Wear OS
Back in April 2018, the Fossil Group announced a 10-year partnership with PUMA to design, develop and distribute PUMA smartwatch. PUMA had to catch up to rivals in sportswear Nike and Adidas which partnered with Apple and Fitbit, respectively.

You Can Watch Team USA’s Basketball Games on Twitch
Do you enjoy watching basketball? Sure, the games themselves might be pretty exciting, but sometimes a little of the behind-the-scenes can add a whole lot of context to the game and can also increase your viewing experience. If you are in agreement, then you might want to keep an eye on Twitch.

Form Swim Goggles With AR Display Review
As a casual swimmer, I was excited when trying the Form Swim Goggles with AR display for the first time – out of the water- during a meeting with Form’s founder Dan Eisenhardt and Olympian swimmer Scott Dickens, who is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Form. It is the first wearable device that allows users to track their key swimming stats in real-time, without stopping to look at their […]

These Are The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals Made From Recycled Electronics
We use metals in a lot of things, such as the medals given out to athlete at sporting events. However, huge and major events like the Olympics also means that a lot of metal will be required to make the variety of medals handed out to the winners at the games, but as you might have heard, the 2020 games at Toyko, Japan will be making a change.