With social distancing rules in effect, it means that things we used to do might no longer be possible, at least for now. This includes attending large gatherings like going to an NBA game. However, if you do enjoy the feel of being in an arena seated among other NBA fans who share your passion, Microsoft might have the solution.

Together with the NBA, Microsoft will be relying on AI and technology to help seat fans in virtual stadiums so that they can watch the game together through the use of Microsoft Teams. The AI will help detect the users and will crop them from shoulder up. This will help create an avatar of sorts.

The NBA stadiums will also then be equipped with 17-foot video boards that will surround the court to help give players the illusion that there are people in attendance. According to the NBA, “Additionally, all viewers will have the ability to impact visual effects in the venue through a virtual cheering experience.  Fans can digitally cheer for their team through the NBA App and NBA.com and on Twitter using team hashtags throughout the game.  Virtual cheering will be reflected on the video boards in-venue with graphics and animations that capture the level of fan engagement around the world.”

This actually sounds like it could be more fun than attending an actual game, but we suppose sports enthusiasts might agree, but from a tech side it sounds like it could open up all kinds of doors in the future, where it could allow fans from other countries to tune in and feel like they’re part of the experience as well.

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