microsoft__logoJust last week an interesting study was conducted in which analysts claimed that Microsoft’s Windows Phone would overtake iOS as soon as 2014. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but the general consensus is that it will most likely not be true. That being said, we should not be so quick to dismiss the Windows Phone platform because according to the latest figures released by AdDuplex, the install base of Windows Phone is currently at 50 million. Granted this number pales in comparison to the likes of iOS and Android, where the former managed to hit the 50 million mark back in 2010, but it is still pretty significant for the Windows Phone platform nonetheless.

According to the numbers, AdDuplex estimates that there are still around 12 million Windows Phone 7 handsets that are still in use, although these numbers are declining at around 2% every month. Alternatively Windows Phone 8 is sitting at 38 million and those numbers are expected to increase. As it stands Nokia is probably the biggest name when it comes to Windows Phone handsets, but with a Samsung Windows Phone 8 device reportedly in the works and with Archos announcing plans for Windows Phone handsets themselves, perhaps the install base of Windows Phone 8 could increase faster.

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