apple_logoWill the iWatch have an emphasized focus on health? Will iOS 8 and the future iPhone 6 also contain more health-related features? Well that’s pretty much anyone’s guess at the moment, although alleged leaked iOS 8 screenshots certainly seems to point us towards that conclusion.

However if Apple’s recent hire is anything to go by, it definitely looks like Apple has something health-related plan. According to recent observations, Apple has hired a new privacy counsel by the name of Sabrina Ross, who apparently has started working at Apple since March.

One of her credentials is from the International Association of Privacy Professionals which is a new program launched in the US back in 2004. The association covers issues regarding privacy regulations in a variety of fields, such as healthcare, for example.

Ross also has a background for being on the board of directors at CareMessage, a non-profit organization in the healthcare field that focuses on improving “health literacy and diseases self-management”.

Sure her main profession could be a lawyer, although her background in health certainly does seem like Apple’s plans for her could have to do with managing biometric information gathered from the iWatch or other sensors.

Naturally such information should be kept private but given the ubiquity of smartphones and possible loss or theft of smartphones, it would not be hard for such information to get out, which is why Apple is probably trying to cover all their bases with the hiring of a privacy counsel. This is all speculation at this point in time, but we have a feeling Ross’ healthcare background is not a coincidence. What do you guys think?

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