Google’s Digital Wellbeing Now Available On Pixel & Android One Devices

For companies such as Google and Facebook, the more we use their products, the better it is for them as it means more time spent on their platform, which means more exposure to ads. However spending too much time with our devices can be bad for our health, which is also why companies such as Google and Facebook have introduced digital wellbeing initiatives.

Future Apple Watches Could Come With Built-In UV Sensor

Exposure to the sun is healthy as it gives us vitamin D, but at the same time too much exposure to the sun can be bad as the UV rays have the potential to cause skin cancer. However how much exposure is too much exposure? That’s something Apple is hoping to tell users in the future, with UV sensors built into the Apple Watch.

‘Clear Evidence’ Found Between Cell Phone Radiation And Rat Tumors

Given that our cellphones (and a lot of our electronic devices) give off radiation, there have been many who wonder whether or not our phones give off enough radiation where it could be potentially dangerous to our health. Now according to an updated study by the U.S. National Toxicology Program, it seems that there is “clear evidence” of health risks.

RFID Tags Could Be Used To Warn Of Food Contamination

Some of you might have heard the news in which there have been reports of a potential salmonella outbreak. Now as much as producers and retailers try to minimize food contamination, sometimes bad stuff happens, but if researchers at MIT have it their way, we could soon spot foods that might have been contaminated.


Withings Pulse HR Fitness Tracker Will Feature 20 Day Battery Life

A lot of smartwatches don’t have particularly good battery life, thanks to its large-ish displays which we expect probably contributes to its battery drain. If you want a wearable that focuses on fitness, then fitness trackers might be a better solution as they tend to offer up better battery life, and Withings might have something for you.

Eye Implant Uses Magnets To Better Manage Glaucoma

Glaucoma is not a new disease and there have been various ways developed over the years to treat the problem. Eye implants is one of those treatment methods, where the idea behind these implants is to help drain the fluid from the eye to help lessen the pressure of fluid being built up which can cause problems such as headaches and potentially vision loss.

Researchers Develop Microneedles That Dissolve In Your Eye

When it comes to treatment for certain eye conditions, sometimes eye drops are prescribed. However sometimes eye drops aren’t the most effective way of dispensing medication, although the alternative are injections which let’s face it, seeing a needle come towards your eye is probably not the most pleasant thing that you can look forward to.

Spending Less Time On Social Media Could Reduce Loneliness

Social media, as its name suggests, lets people be “social” on the internet where you can share your life with your friends and family members even if you’re living thousands of miles away. However social media seems to have had a very different effect, where friends and families can go out with each other, but yet bury their noses in their phones.

Dyson Could Be Working On A Wearable Air Purifier That Doubles As Headphones

Many of us take for granted that we live in places where air pollution isn’t so bad and is actually liveable. However if you’ve seen photos of certain cities in China and India, then you know that there are some out there who are living in an almost perpetual state of smog which obviously isn’t the most healthy.

Researchers Train AI To Spot Alzheimer’s In Patients

A lot of medical conditions typically have symptoms leading up to the actual disease, and because of this, sometimes patterns are useful at identifying a potentially more serious issue at hand. This is what researchers have been trying to do when they trained an AI to help diagnose Alzheimer’s years before a doctor would have.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature Can Be Used Outside Of The US

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, one of the features of the smartwatch is the built-in ECG monitoring tool. However Apple did note that the feature will not be available at launch and will arrive at a later date. It was also mentioned that it will be limited to the US, presumably due to regulatory clearances required for different regions and markets.

Apple Watch Used As A Logging Tool During An Emergency

The Apple Watch has been credited multiple times over the years in helping to save lives. This is thanks to the built-in heart rate monitor which can detect abnormalities in your heart rate, and will notify the wearer when it is unusually high, which can sometimes be symptom of an impending heart attack.

Pokemon GO Will Count Your Steps Even When You Aren’t Playing

When Pokemon GO was first launched, due to the nature of the game it encouraged players to walk around to try and discover and capture nearby Pokemon. As a result it actually forced more people to exercise, which is a good thing, and now it seems that its creators are hoping to make it a regular thing.

Walabot Home Is A Sensor That Can Detect Falls In The Home

Some of us who are younger probably think that slipping or tripping and falling in your own home isn’t that big of a deal. However when you’re older and your bones are more brittle, falling down can pose a whole new set of risks and dangers, and that’s something the folks at Vayyar Imaging hope to solve with their Walabot Home sensor.