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Google Search Has A New Anxiety Self-Assessment Tool
Are you feeling anxious? Do you think it might be a temporary thing or is it something you might have been experiencing for a while? There is no doubt that the current coronavirus pandemic has gotten many of us worried, and the lockdown is surely not helping with our mental health either, but Google wants to help.

Switzerland Will Be The First To Take Advantage Of Apple And Google’s Exposure Notification API
Apple and Google have recently released their Exposure Notification API to the public, and now the onus is pretty much on governments and app developers to take advantage of it, and it looks like we might have our first candidate. A team in Switzerland will be the first to release an app that will be using the Exposure Notification API.

Future AirPods Could Come With Health Monitoring Light Sensors
Headphones with built-in health monitoring features aren’t new, but it looks like Apple wants to get in on the action. This is according to a recent DigiTimes report in which they claim that Apple could potentially use ambient light sensors in a future pair of AirPods, but it stops short of actually mentioning why.

Fitbit Wants To See If Its Wearables Can Detect COVID-19
A couple of weeks ago, Fitbit launched a study in which they wanted to see if their wearables were capable of detecting irregular heart beats. Now it looks like the company wants to see if its wearables might actually be capable of doing more than that, such as being able to detect early on if the wearer might have the flu or even COVID-19.


Reebok Shows Off Its Concept Fitness Masks
Fitness masks aren’t really a new concept. If you’ve ever seen fitness videos, you might have noticed some people wearing them. The idea behind these masks aren’t really about protecting the wearer from bacteria or viruses, but more about restricting airflow to help simulate high altitudes to help improve cardiorespiratory fitness levels.

This Robotic Face Mask Can Automatically Open And Close If There Are People Around
Wearing a face mask for an extended period of time can get slightly uncomfortable. This is because if face masks are worn properly, it is meant to help create a seal around your nose and mouth so help prevent bacteria and particles from coming in through the sides. As a result, it does end up restricting your breathing by a bit.

Apple And Google’s COVID-19 Exposure Notification API Is Now Available On iOS And Android
Earlier this year, Apple and Google announced that they would be working together on developing a COVID-19 contact tracing system. Dubbed Exposure Notifications, if you have an iOS or Android device, you might be interested to learn that the API is now available in the latest update to both operating systems.

This Copper-Laced Jacket Could Help Prevent The Coronavirus From Spreading
Depending on the material of a surface, the coronavirus can live for hours or up to days. However, did you know that copper actually can kill viruses? In fact, back in the day, hospitals actually used copper for things like doorknobs to prevent bacteria and virus from spreading, and in 2015, researchers found that copper alloys used in hospital settings actually reduced infection rates by as much as 58%.

Chinese Doctors Find A Potential COVID-19 Cure That Does Not Require A Vaccine
Right now the world is waiting on a vaccine to be developed to help fight against the COVID-19 virus once and for all. At the moment, doctors just have to treat the symptoms as they arise, meaning that the treatment for patients will differ depending on what kind of symptoms they are displaying.

Researchers Find That Recovered COVID-19 Patients Aren’t Infectious
Last month, there was a rather worrying report that suggested that patients who had seemingly recovered from the COVID-19 viral infection continued to test positive for the virus. This suggested that these patients might have been reinfected, and that they could then pass the virus onto others.

Samsung Backs A Window Project That Can Generate Artificial Sunlight
Having windows in our home is important. Windows aren’t just for aesthetics, but they also help to provide a natural source of light that helps us keep track of the time of day, and can also help improve overall mental health. However, what if you live in a place that has little to no windows? Samsung wants to help with that.

Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promising Results, Could Be Ready In January 2021
Moderna is one of the many companies out there who are racing to develop a vaccine to the COVID-19 virus. The company has been forging ahead steadily and have been conducting clinical trials. Health officials have estimated that it would probably take 12-18 months to develop a vaccine, but Moderna thinks it can be done sooner.

Researchers Working On Face Mask That Kills The Coronavirus On Contact
Face masks are recommended to be worn while out in public. This is because face masks helps reduce the chance of the coronavirus spreading further, especially if you’re sick or if there are people who are sick around you. However, this is only prevention, but thanks to the work of researchers, they are working on a more permanent solution.

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Patrols The Streets Of Singapore To Remind People To Social Distance
Just like many parts of the world, Singapore is currently on lockdown where residents are encouraged to stay at home and only go out unless to buy essentials. To help remind its citizens and residents to stay home, the government has employed the use of Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, Spot.