New Prosthetic Will Amputees ‘Feel’ Their Foot And Knee

The idea behind prosthetics is that they let amputees live their lives more normally. For example, an amputee without a leg might find it hard to walk, but giving them a prosthetic will make their lives a bit easier. However, the downside to prosthetics is that it will never, ever feel like a real limb.

Facebook Introduces New Notifications To Fight Against Vaccine Misinformation

These days with social media, it’s easy to spread misinformation at a click of a button. Sometimes people do it unknowingly, but sometimes people do it on purpose, but the fact of the matter is that we need to be more careful and maybe slightly distrustful of what we read online until we can do further digging of our own.

Teenager Suffers A Stroke After Playing Too Much PUBG

While video games can be immersive and in some cases, extremely addictive, it is important that we take breaks from playing to walk around the house, do some chores, and basically unless you’re a professional gamer, perhaps try to focus on other parts of your life as well besides gaming.

This Woman Brought A Horse As Her Emotional Support Animal On Her Flight

When it comes to animals supporting human beings, the most common animal you might find is a dog. Dogs have been used to help guide people that are visually impaired. They have also been used as emotional support animals where they bring a degree of emotional support and comfort to people that might need them.


Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Grow A Tooth’s Enamel

There is a reason why we have been told to avoid eating certain types of food and drinking certain types of drinks, like soft drinks. This is because there are types of food and drink that can erode the enamel on our teeth. This in turn can cause more complicated tooth problems due to the fact that enamel cannot self-repair or grow back.

Researchers Create A Thread-Like Robot That Can Traverse Through Blood Vessels

The problem with open brain surgery are the risks involved in cutting someone’s head open and leaving the brain exposed. However, it is sometimes necessary to deal with certain health issues. However, over at MIT, engineers have managed to create a thread-like robot that is apparently thin enough where it could traverse through the patient’s blood vessels.

Fitbit Launches The Aria Air, An Affordable Smart Scale

The concept of smart scales isn’t exactly new. In fact, if anything, we have to wonder why they weren’t created a lot sooner. That being said, Fitbit actually has created a couple of smart scales in the past in their Aria lineup, although they weren’t exactly cheap. However, if you are interested in such a device, you’re in luck.

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch Boasts A Five Day Battery Life

Just the other day thanks to a leak, we know that Fitbit has a new smartwatch in the works in the form of the Versa 2. We expected that there would be some kind of announcement made at IFA 2019, but it seems that the company was planning to announce it much earlier than that as they have since made it official.

Turns Out KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken Is A Hit, Sells Out In 5 Hours

The other day it was announced that KFC would start testing out Beyond Meat’s fried “chicken”. Now, based on the photos, it seemed like it was pretty obvious that it is different from KFC’s regular chicken. We were a bit skeptical about how well it would do, but as it turns out, KFC did not have anything to worry about.

KFC Will Start Testing Beyond Meat’s Fried ‘Chicken’

It is said that part of the reason behind climate change is due to our desire to eat meat. This is why there have been some companies who are exploring meat alternatives. Now, the idea of veganism or being a vegetarian isn’t new, but for the most part, fake meat has typically tasted bad.

CDC Identifies A Death That Could Be Linked To Vaping

The concept of vaping and e-cigarettes are designed to help people ease of regular cigarettes. However, given that they’re still considered to be relatively new, not much is known about the chemicals used in vape juices and what kind of health complications they might cause in the long-term.

This Wristband Might Be Able To Predict Outbursts In People With Autism

People with autism do not operate on the same levels that the rest of us do, and as such, their behavior can sometimes be unpredictable where they can be prone to sudden aggressive outbursts. All of this is manageable, of course, but wouldn’t it be better to know if a person with autism was on the verge of such an outburst?

Apple Watch’s Fall Detection Saved The Life Of An Epileptic Woman

While most Apple Watch stories involve saving the life of the wearer by alerting them to heart problems, another feature of the watch is fall detection, where if it detects you’ve fallen, it will help call for emergency services if you do not respond in a timely manner. This is exactly what happened over in Australia.

These Tattoos Change Colors When Reacting With Glucose Levels

The thing with diabetics is that they need to constantly be aware of their glucose levels to ensure that it doesn’t get too high. This means that throughout the day, they might need to take blood tests which can be rather invasive and troublesome, but it seems that over in Germany, scientists might have found an alternative in the form of tattoos.