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A 14-Year Old Girl’s Discovery Could Lead To A Cure For The Coronavirus
Right now the race is on to find a cure or a vaccine for the coronavirus which is currently ravaging the world. However, it seems that help has come in the form of a discovery made by a 14-year old girl from Frisco, Texas by the name of Anika Chebrolu, whose discovery has won her the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge and netting her $25,000 in prize money.

Man In Nevada Gets Infected With The Coronavirus Twice
When it comes to illnesses, in some cases when you catch a virus, your body then builds up the immunity to it, meaning that you catching it the second time is relatively low. However, it doesn’t necessarily seem to be that way with the coronavirus, where it has been revealed that a 25-year old man from Nevada actually managed to catch the coronavirus twice.

Malaysia Equips Train Officers With Temperature Scanning Helmets
As the coronavirus continues to ravage the world, one of the things that we can do is to practice good personal hygiene and social distancing. Business are also encouraged (or required) to take temperatures of visitors to see if anyone is having a fever, which is one of the signs of a person being infected by the virus.

Coronavirus Can Remain On Your Phone’s Screen For Up As Many As 28 Days
Our phone screens are filthy and some studies have found that they might actually be dirtier compared to a toilet seat. In case this wasn’t enough to give you pause and wipe your screen down every chance you get, you might want to take note that according to research done by Australia’s national science agency, the coronavirus can actually last on your phone’s screen for as long as 28 days.


Polar’s New Vantage V2 Is Aimed At Triathletes
When it comes to wearables, there are some who choose to wear it as a fashion statement, while others might choose to use it as a productivity tool, but if you’re really into sports and fitness, then Polar might have something for you as the company has announced their latest wearable – the Polar Vantage V2.

Excel Error Could Have Led To England Under-Reporting Its COVID-19 Cases
If you’re looking to tabulate data, Microsoft Excel is a pretty good piece of software to use. After all, it has been used by many people and corporations over the decades, but while it is good and has its advantages, it does not necessarily make it the best, nor does it mean that it is perfect.

Lasers Could Help Future iPhones Detect Poisonous Gases And Air Quality
A lot of us probably take the air around us for granted, but if you’ve ever lived in a place with heavy pollution, or even more recently near an area affected by the wildfires, you know that the quality of the air we breathe is of the utmost importance. However, it wouldn’t be practical or even possible to bring around a device that can constantly monitor the air around us.

Researchers Develop Wearable That Detects Epileptic Seizures An Hour Early
People who suffer from epileptic seizures might find it hard to live a normal life. This is because sometimes these seizures can happen without warning, and it can be dangerous because it can lead to accidents, injury, and sometimes even death. However, researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of Negev in Israel have developed something that could address that.

Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Expands To More Countries
One of the features Apple brought to the Apple Watch a while back was ECG monitoring. Unlike the heart rate monitor, the ECG monitor attempts to check your heart rate for any irregularities, which could be a sign of something wrong. However, given that this is classified as a medical feature, it wasn’t available worldwide when it launched.

Apple’s Next-Gen Smartwatch Could Come With Asthma Monitoring
Over the years, Apple has introduced new health tracking capabilities to the Apple Watch. This came in the form of an ECG monitoring tool and with the Series 6, they also introduced blood oxygen monitoring. Now it seems that in the future, there could be an Apple Watch that could come with asthma monitoring.

Apple Takes On The Fitness Industry With Apple Fitness+
It has been rumored that Apple has been planning to launch a fitness subscription service. It seems that the rumors were right on the money as Apple has since officially announced Apple Fitness+. This is a fitness video training subscription service that Apple claims will introduce new workout videos every week.

Fitbit Just Updated Its Older Devices With A Bunch Of New Features
Companies obviously have an incentive to get you to upgrade to their newer devices, but since not all of us can afford to upgrade every year or every other year, we can sometimes hold onto our devices for a long time. However, the downside is that companies don’t always support their devices for very long.

This Capsule Could Help Solve Heart Attack Complications
Just because a person survived and recovers from a heart attack doesn’t mean that they’re completely out of the woods. This is because heart attacks can cause further damage to the body that could actually lead to more complications or additional heart attacks later, but researchers think that they might be closer to solving that problem.

Facebook’s AI Will Generate MRI Images In Minutes
Even if you’ve never been in an MRI machine, chances are you might have seen it in use in television shows and movies. Usually this involves doctors telling patients that they’ll have to remain perfectly still in order for the machine to capture images, which can be a frustratingly slow process that can take as long as an hour.