Future Apple Watches Could Detect Strokes

Ever since the Apple Watch was launched, one of its features was the ability to let users know if they were suddenly experiencing high or low heart rates out of the blue, suggesting that they could have a heart problem. This has led to several lives being saved. This was later improved upon with an ECG monitor which also proved to be just as useful (although some doctors disagree).

Health-Related Jobs At Apple Have Increased Dramatically

While Apple’s iPhones appear to be get weaker in demand with every generation, there is one area that seems to be on the rise: Apple’s wearables which have increased over the years. Apple has made significant investment in its wearable tech, like the Apple Watch, and it shows according to data from Thinknum.

Apple Looking To Subsidize The Apple Watch For At-Risk Seniors

While the Apple Watch is not the most expensive product from the company, the wearables space is still kind of at a place where it’s not a necessity yet, unlike smartphones. This means that even though it’s only a few hundred bucks, it is a few hundred bucks that some customers don’t see the need or have the means to spend.

The Aura Smart Strap Makes Your Apple Watch Even Smarter

The Apple Watch is already pretty good at reading certain aspects about our health, like our heart rate, calories burned, steps walked, distance run, and so on. However if you’re looking for more comprehensive readings, then you might be interested in the Aura Smart Strap which will be able to enhance your Apple Watch experience.


AI Found To Be More Accurate Than Doctors At Detecting Cervical Cancer

It is recommended that we go regularly for checkups at our doctors to ensure that we are healthy and that there are no issues with general health. These checkups can also help to look for cancer, but sometimes this can be missed even by experts. This is why we’re starting to see more AI being trained when it comes to cancer detection.

Smart Clothing Could Be Next On Apple’s List Of Products To Launch

Apple’s interest in the health sector is no secret. The company has been buying up various health companies and products, and let’s not forget the Apple Watch which as been slowing gaining new health capabilities with rumors that future Apple Watches could come with a non-invasive glucose monitoring feature.

This Smartphone App Can Tell If You’ve Overdosed On Drugs

Sometimes when someone overdoses on a drug, their lives can be saved if they are given treatment in time, such as being administered naloxone. However if there is no one to call for help, then we guess there’s really not much that can be done, right? However that’s something that researchers at the University of Washington are hoping to address.

Apple Watch Fall Detection Is Triggering False Emergencies During Skiing

One of the features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to detect falls. The feature seems to be aimed at the elderly who might sometimes slip and fall, like in the shower, and are unable to get up in which the Apple Watch will then be able to help them make an emergency call. However it seems that the feature is accidentally triggering false emergency calls at […]

Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Might Just Saved Another Life

Last year when the ECG feature on the Apple Watch was released, we soon heard a report of how the feature might have saved a user’s life. Now a new report from WMUR (via 9to5Mac) has revealed that the ECG feature could have already saved its second life when it alerted its wearer to the possibility that his heart might be in A-fib.

Some Doctors Thinks Healthy Individuals Under 65 Should Ignore The Apple Watch’s ECG

The Apple Watch ECG feature is designed to help provide users with a more detailed look at their heart and whether or not there are abnormalities in its rhythm, which can sometimes indicate that something is wrong. In fact last year we heard the first instance of how the Apple Watch’s ECG feature saved its first life.

Lumen’s Metabolism Tracker Will Be Shipping This Summer

Thanks to the advancements made in technology, we are finding new, better, and more efficient ways of tracking our health, such as through fitness trackers and wearable sensors. Even some earphones come with features that can track certain biometrics. Now some of you might recall back in 2018 a device called the Lumen.

Samsung Wants To Use Robots To Help The Elderly

#CES2019 – Samsung is a company best known for their phones and TVs, but it seems that the company had a bit of a surprise announcement to share towards the end of its keynote at CES. The company announced some robotic initiatives that they were looking into dubbed Samsung Bot Care.

Researchers Develop AI That Detects Alzheimer’s Six Years Early

Being able to anticipate or predict something way before it happens allows us to better prepare ourselves. In the case of our health, sometimes an early diagnosis means that there could be a chance of you curing the problem entirely, or at least preventing it from affecting you too badly and making adjustments to your life accordingly.

Withings BPM Core Lets You Measure Your Vitals At Home

#CES2019 – Withings is known for their health-related products, whether it be a watch that can track your fitness, a weighing scale that can analyze your body composition, or a sleep tracker. Now if you’re someone who needs to or wants to keep track of their body’s vitals from the comfort of their own home, then you might be interested to learn that the company has announced the BPM Core.