skype-avengersSkype chats has featured emoticons since 2004, and I am quite sure that many of us have memorized the number of fun faces, expressions and icons over the years, simply because they help convey a typed message with greater impact. Of course, living with the same emoticons all the time is going to get boring, which is why the latest version of Skype would introduce emoticons that have adopted new “hidden heroes” alter egos, turning into characters that will star in the upcoming Marvel movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


In a recent survey done by Skype to their users living in the U.S. and U.K. it was discovered that 57% of the sample crowd (it was not shared just how many people were part of the survey) made a request for emoticons based on comic book characters. Well, Skype has taken your requests into consideration, and have launched 5 new “hidden heroes” emoticons to brighten up your Skype IM chat.

The new limited edition emoticons will include Captain America, the mysterious Winter Soldier, Nick Fury and Black Widow, as well as a verb performed by Captain America himself. These are limited edition “hidden hero” emoticons that will work on Windows Phone and Windows platforms, in addition to Xbox and Android, and will arrive on the Max OS X platform in the near future albeit for a limited time only. Just type (captain) (bucky) (nickfury) (blackwidow) or (shielddeflect) to reveal the emoticons. [Press Release]

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