zulipDropbox is a cloud-based storage service that we’re sure many of you guys have heard of and probably use. It allows users to store their data in the cloud and thanks to apps available on mobile devices and the computer, it lets users sync and retrieve their documents regardless of what platform they are using.

However it seems that Dropbox might be interested in moving away from being a mere cloud storage service provider, thanks to a recent report from TechCrunch which has revealed that Dropbox had recently acquired a workplace chat solution by the name of Zulip.

For those unfamiliar with Zulip, you can hardly be blamed as the app has remained somewhat under the radar. The app has yet to be launched to the public and prior to Dropbox’s acquisition, it remained under a private beta. The app allows people in the workplace to chat with one another with messages appearing in a stream (pictured above).

How word got out that Dropbox was acquiring the company was in an email that Zulip sent to its users who asked them to keep it a secret, although based on how the email was worded, we highly doubt that they actually expected all of its users to remain hush on the matter.

“Here’s the deal: Dropbox is acquiring Zulip. We’re incredibly excited about working with an awesome group of people on a problem with huge scale, at a company that’s as passionate as we are about helping people work together efficiently.”

The good news is that the acquisition does not seem to be affecting current users negatively and it will be business as usual. The official announcement of the acquisition is expected to take place in the next few weeks, but given that the word is now out, we wouldn’t be surprised if they will be announcing this earlier than expected.

This acquisition is not the first acquisition by Dropbox that would be outside of its core competency. Back in 2012, Dropbox acquired Audiogalaxy, a music service, although as it stands it is unclear what Dropbox’s plans for Audiogalaxy are at this point in time. Hopefully Dropbox’s plans for Zulip will be a bit more obvious.

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