carmack-facebookJohn Carmack, the man whom many associate with as the face of id Software for many years, is now an employee of Facebook. Yes sir, this is the new structure in the company known as Oculus VR after it was snapped up by the social network giant for a cool $2 billion, where that bit of news caused quite a ripple across news portals yesterday. The co-founder and lead designer of id Software oversaw a slew of technological developments within the gaming industry, and having left the company in 2013 to join Oculus VR, it goes without saying that he is now under Facebook’s payroll.

Facebook might be the new owner, but the social network giant has stated that Oculus VR will continue to operate on its own as a separate entity, and Carmack will rest safe knowing that his position is not in jeopardy, meaning he will still remain as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). There are rumors going around that Facebook will soon start to brand its logo and load a custom user interface into the Oculus Rift hardware, what do you make of that? Exciting times are definitely ahead of us, although we would like to see how virtual reality fits into the world of social networks one of these days.

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