occulus-vr-03We guess it really isn’t a secret anymore that Facebook will be acquiring virtual reality technology company, Oculus VR. In fact this is actually good news for the gaming community and virtual reality technology in general because with Facebook’s backing, Oculus VR will have access to resources that they might not have had before, especially in the face of Sony’s own VR efforts, Project Morpheus.

This line of thinking is also what Oculus’ founder, Palmer Luckey, appears to be thinking of as well in a recent interview that he and Brendan Iribe had with the folks at The Verge recently. According to Luckey, this deal with Facebook will not only provide the company with resources, but at the same time ultimately help to make virtual reality technology cheaper.

“Designing new display technologies is really, really expensive. This is going to let us do things that would have just been far and away impossible without Facebook. We want to deliver the best possible product, at the lowest possible cost, and this was clearly a panacea to do that.”

For those wondering and possibly worried about Facebook meddling with the Oculus Rift, you can rest assured knowing that Facebook will be letting Oculus VR to stay independent. In fact based on Facebook’s previous acquisitions like Instagram, it seems that the social networking giant has no problems letting their acquisition remain independent. This allows them to keep doing what they do best with no interference.

When asked about the possibility about developing a virtual reality platform with Facebook, Iribe was quoted as saying, “We can’t comment on any announcements right now besides this partnership, but I think that you’ll see the announcements we make in the future, literally they’re going to be bigger, better, and faster, and we’re incredibly excited to go into this new world of virtual reality with one of the biggest, fastest growing companies of all time.”

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